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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lessons From the 12 Archangels with Belinda J. Womack

Join us Thursday, July 21st, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and Belinda J. Womack. 

Belinda Womack
It’s a story that is becoming increasingly common: an individual in a quintessentially left-brain profession has an experience that transforms their lives, their outlook, and their occupation.

Belinda J. Womack is a scientist by training, with dual master’s degrees in microbiology and environmental science who was was was called into service by the 12 Archangels while working in a medical university laboratory.  Today, she has an active spiritual counseling practice, working with the 12 Archangels, to support couples, families and individuals with seemingly impossible problems to solve.

According to Belinda, the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun (Soul) of the Universe are all-powerful and all-loving that created Earth, an amazing schoolroom established so that Oneness (ALL THAT IS) can dream a dark dream and experience the reality of fear and the illusion of being separated from the Creator.

Belinda’s new book, Lessons from the 12 Archangels is a treasure chest of channeled angelic wisdom that offers clear strategies for transforming the wounds trapped within the deep subconscious that block us from experiencing positive change.

Join Sandie Sedgbeer and Belinda J. Womack as they discuss how we can change our everyday reality to living on Earth as we do in Heaven, a place and space where, Belinda says, we are conscious of our divinity and the healing power that lives within us.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Virtual Reality Solution to Ending Depression, Fearfulness, Addiction, Co-Dependency and More with Luca Bosurgi

Join us Thursday, July 14th, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and guest Luca Bosurgi. 

Luca Bosurgi
The Virtual Reality Solution with Luca Bosurgi 

Until now, all the buzz around Virtual Reality has been about its entertainment and gaming applications, and even a bit of meditation. But now for the first time, there’s a Virtual Reality product that actually helps people achieve an emotionally free, high performance, happy life – through a proven psychologically therapeutic self-help technique called The Bosurgi Method™. This process, using guided meditations, releases a person’s co-dependency on outside approval – creating emotional maturity and psychological independence. Co-dependency can take the form of:

*   Low self-esteem, self-judgment and never feeling “enough”
*   Wanting to find one’s happiness, love and approval in others (parents, lovers, spouses, friends, society, etc.)
*   Fearfulness including being afraid of rejection, fear of making life’s big decisions, reluctance to move forward, work life malaise, etc.
*   Addictions and more…

Join Sandie and Luca Bosurgi as they discuss how marrying three of the hottest trends in the world today – virtual reality, self-help and meditation – has led to a breakthrough mind-training sensory experience with a success rate that is consistently more than 95%.

About the Guest Luca Bosurgi
LUCA BOSURGI is the founder of Mind Fitness Labs. A clinical hypnotherapist, and visionary pioneer in guided imagery for therapeutic health through Virtual Reality; he is a successful investment banker, venture capitalist and member of an elite Italian dynasty. 10 years ago, Bosurgi left behind the financial world to devote himself to his lifelong passion—creating a means to free mankind from redundant mind misery.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Living Sensationally - How Understanding Our Senses Can Transform Our Relationships And Our Life with Prof. Winnie Dunn

Join us Thursday, July 7th, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and guest Prof. Winnie Dunn. 

Prof. Winnie Dunn

We all want to live a satisfying life, but what that means to you may be quite different than what it means to others in your life.

For example, how do you feel when you bite into a pear…wear a feather boa…stand in a noisy auditorium…or walk past a perfume counter in a department store? Some people love the grainy texture of a pear, while others shudder at the idea of this texture in their mouths. Touching a feather boa might feel luxurious and sensual to you, while others will bristle at the idea of all those feathers brushing on the skin. And strong scents or noisy, busy environments will energize some people, and overwhelm others.

Now imagine the tension and stress it could cause to your relationship if your partner needed to wake up to to bright lights, loud music, and the aroma of strong coffee to psyche them up for the day, while you required a slow, calm awakening with silence, dim lighting, and zero environmental stimulation to function properly.

We rarely think about it, but we all have our own pattern of responding to everyday experiences such as these, and they can make or break our day. In her eye-opening book, Living Sensationally: Understanding Your Senses, Prof. Winnie Dunn explains how understanding our sensory profile and those of our children, colleagues and loved ones can not only help us understand our own and others’ behavior and choices but can also help eliminate misunderstandings, tension and stress that may be affecting our relationships at home and work.

Join Sandie and Dr. Dunn as they discuss:
•   The Four Major sensory types – Seeker, a Bystander, and Avoider or a Sensor
•   How to discover your own pattern and those of your friends, children and colleagues and loved ones
•   How to eliminate misunderstanding, anxiety and tension in your relationships with family members, children and colleagues
•   How you can use this information to benefit your business or home life, or to pick the right kind of clothing, job and home and create a more harmonious and satisfying life

Dr. Dunn is Professor and Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy Education at the University of Kansas. A member of the Academy of Research for the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, she is an internationally known expert for her studies about sensory processing in everyday life. She has published more than 100 research articles, book chapters and books, and has spoken around the world about her work, and is the author/ coauthor of all of the Sensory Profile measures, which capture people’s responses to sensory events in everyday life; these assessments have been translated into dozens of languages and are used for both professional practice and in research programs.

Her eye-opening book Living Sensationally – Understanding Your Senses, has been featured in several magazines including Time magazine, Cosmopolitan, The London Times newspaper, and on Canadian Public Radio.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sacred America, Sacred World: A New Blueprint for the Evolution of Humanity with Stephen Dinan

Join us Thursday, June 30th, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and guest Stephen Dinan. 

Stephen Dinan

As the 2016 election approaches, America is spiraling into a dysfunction that threatens us all, including our allies around the world. The two-party system, sprung from the aims of democracy, has become violently divisive, almost to the point where there are two Americas, each at the other’s throat. America is being pulled apart, and every citizen feels the pain from this profoundly. When did political discourse become a boxing match? How did America, founded on the highest of principles of justice and freedom, get so far off course? And, most importantly, is it too late to repair the damage and get back on track?

In this episode, political strategist, social innovator, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of The Shift Network, Stephen Dinan, joins Sandie to discuss why the evolution to a truly sacred America is not an idealistic, ungrounded dream; it’s an evolutionary imperative.

STEPHEN DINAN was a senior staffer at the institute of noetic sciences (ions), where he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program. He also directed and helped create the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory and Research—a think tank for scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential frontiers.

He is a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders Groups, and the author of two books—Radical Spirit: Spiritual Writings From the Voices of Tomorrow and Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dear Human – A Love Letter To Humanity with Courtney Walsh

Join us Thursday, June 23rd, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and guest Courtney Walsh. 

Courtney Walsh
A few years ago, writer Courtney A. Walsh posted a meme on Facebook… The first words were “Dear Human.” It went viral and has been seen more than 20 million times. It’s been called a love letter, a manifesto, a poem, a battle cry, and it has literally been shared and commented on by millions of people around the world. Shared by Elizabeth Gilbert, tweeted by a Khloe Kardashian, read in yoga classes, pinned in cubicles across the globe, used in wedding vows, discussed in radio interviews, featured on blogs, and translated into several different languages.

In this episode, Courtney A Walsh joins Sandie to discuss her refreshingly candid, hilarious and insightful follow-up book Dear Human, A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity, in which she blows up old programs and conditioned ways of thinking and asks us to embrace our glorious messiness, to love to the best of our ability, to continue to learn and grow, to be willing to show up AND get out of the way.

COURTNEY A WALSH is a social media rockstar and metaphysical humor author, internationally renowned speaker and writer of the “Dear Human” viral media meme that has now been shared with over 20 million people including on Deepak Chopra’s website and Elizabeth Gilbert’s pages as well as retweeted by Khloe Kardashian and radio personality Delilah.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Secret to Living a Passionate Life with Janet Bray Attwood

Join us Thursday, June 2nd, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and guest Janet Bray Attwood. 

Janet Bray Attwood
What does it mean to live a passionate life? Exciting, fulfilling, thrilling, on fire, purposeful, turned on, motivated, entertaining, easy, fun, unstoppable. It’s a life aligned with destiny.

We all know we’d like to feel our life is purposeful. We all want to be passionate about what we’re doing, to be excited about how we spend our days, to love our life and to feel we’re making some valuable contribution. But how do we create all this if we don’t know what our real passion is?

In this episode best selling author of “The Passion Test,” written with her former husband, best friend and business partner Chris Attwood, Janet Bray Attwood joins Sandie to share the secrets that have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world live a passionate life.

Among the topics they will be delving into:
*   How to find your top passions
*   How to create “Markers” which are guideposts that prove you’re living your passions
*   How to undo limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from fully embracing your passions
*   How to uncover the formula for living a passionate life
*   And more…

JANET BRAY ATTWOOD is the NY Times bestselling co-author of The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. She also is the founder and creator of the The Passion Test, which is the number one process being used worldwide to align people with their passions, The Passion Test for Business, The Passion Test for Kids and Teens, and the Passion Test for Coaches.

In addition to presenting her programs on the same stage with The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, and many others, Janet has personally trained over one thousand Passion Test Facilitators worldwide.

Janet has been practicing the Transcendental Meditation® program for more than thirty-five years and is a facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Mysteries and Magic of Damanhur with Crotalo Sesamo

Join us Thursday, May 19th, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What’s Going OM? with host Sandie Sedgbeer and guest Crotalo Sesamo. 

Crotalo Sesamo
Nestled in the alpine foothills of Piedmont, Italy. Is a highly evolved, United Nations-award-winning eco-society called Damanhur that values spirituality, individual and collective growth, contact with nature and all the forces of the spiritual ecosystem. It has 40 years of experience in sustainable international “community living” and advanced spiritual and technological exploration of human potential.

Designated by the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future, Damanhur is a center for research and practice of medicine, science, and advanced spiritual and technological exploration of human potential.

Renowned worldwide for its extraordinary underground works of art dedicated to the reawakening of the divine essence in every human being, Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind are considered by many as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

Join Sandie and Damanhur Ambassador and teacher, Crotalo Sesamo as they discuss:

  • Music of the Plants – How Human Interaction Changes Plant Behavior: Research involving plant perception and the biorhythms of trees and plants.
  • Selfica – How these specialized tools use intelligent energy for specific functions in healing. The technology and wisdom of Selfica dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and Minoan cultures. There will be time in the schedule to experience a Pranatherapy session, which utilizes a Selfic device that is directly connected to the Temples.
  • Sustainable eco-community life – How do over 1000 people live, work, farm, and create in harmony at Damanhur?
  • Damanhur Mystery School – Why are so many people drawn to participate in the intense journey of self-discovery offered at Damanhur’s Mystery School.

CROTALO SESAMO has lived in the Federation of Damanhur for more then 28 years. As a Specialist in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Ancient Civilizations and Inner Research, he teaches courses in Astral Travel, Past Lives Research, Inner Harmonizing, Selfic Healing, and the social, spiritual, economic, political and organizational implications of community life.

Trained by Falco (Oberto Airaudi) the Visionary Founder of Damanhur, who prepared him to continue his alchemy art in the ”Selfic Paintings,” Crotalo travels the world, founding Mystery Schools and teaching throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the Emirates.

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