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Thursday, October 25, 2018


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It’s a fact that few of us are totally satisfied with the way we look.  Until fairly recently, correcting our perceived imperfections was an impossibly expensive not to mention painfully invasive pipedream for the average person on a budget.  But thanks to some pretty spectacular leaps in research and technology, an array of new breakthrough products and procedures are making it possible for anyone to look as good as they feel without so much as an overdraft or a scalpel in sight.

With so many new alternatives to choose from, the only challenge is, how can you discern whether a specific product or procedure is right for you?

This week, Dr. Donese Worden and I delve into the world of aesthetics to bring you an insider’s guide to maintaining your looks. Procedures under the microscope will include:

·     European needling, Microblading, and Micronutrient and homeopathic Injections¾what they are, how they work, and why they’re becoming so popular
·     Notox instead of Botox? 
·     Low level lasers for hair loss and collagen production
·     Natural Aesthetics – What is it?  What does it include? And why is it better?
·     The new Biolift procedure that utilizes your body’s own growth factors – is it worth the priCE?  And more…

A professional journalist who cut her teeth in the ultra-competitive world of British magazines and newspapers, and the author of 6 books published by major international publishing houses, Sandie Sedgbeer has been a frequent guest on all of Britain’s most popular TV and radio shows, including the BBC World Service, and hosted several acclaimed Talk Radio and TV shows in the USA over the past twelve years. 

Her career has spanned every segment of the media from magazines and book publishing to radio and TV production and hosting to consulting for international health and publishing companies on resonance marketing and advertising. As the founder and publisher of three cutting-edge new thought and educational/parenting magazines, she has brought new thoughts and ideas to the fore, while her Talk TV and Radio Shows interviews have earned accolades from guests and audiences alike. 
Dr. Donese Worden is an Arizona-based physician and global health educator. She is renowned for identifying and helping to bring unique healing modalities and therapies from abroad to the United States, putting her in the vanguard of integrated, naturopathic medicine. With a passion for educating people on taking charge of their health using the best from both conventional and natural medicine, Dr. Worden is an expert diagnostician and treats a wide range of medical conditions. 
Dr. Worden lectures worldwide, training physicians and educating the public on a wide variety of medical and health topics.  Known as a life changing speaker, Dr. Worden has graced the cover of The National Speakers Association Magazine as well as appearing on Gaia TV and numerous other radio and TV news programs. 
Together, Dr. Donese Worden and Sandie Sedgbeer will educate, enlighten and entertain listeners while helping them become well-informed advocates for their health and wellbeing. 

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Men Behaving Badly - Dissolving Toxic Masculinity with Thomas Haller

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There was a time back in the 1990s and early 2000's when the phrase "men behaving badly" used to bring a smile to the faces of many fans who enjoyed watching the (by those days' standards) fairly innocent antics of two feckless, responsibility-shirking boy-men in the long-running UK and later US remake of the popular TV sitcom Men Behaving Badly.  

How times change.

With recent revelations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and misogyny running rampant throughout society, government, the workplace, and indeed every facet of life the subject of men behaving badly is clearly no longer a laughing matter. 

Joining me on tonight's program is psychotherapist, sexologist, author and speaker Thomas Haller whose latest book Dissolving Toxic Masculinity explains how prevailing societal standards - many of which are so ingrained we rarely think to examine them - are having an insidious influence on the development of our sons, increasing the potential for their growing up to be chauvinistic, misogynistic, bigoted men who believe that aggression and dominance over women is normal masculine behavior.

The author of nine highly acclaimed books, Thomas Haller is a certified sex therapist, sports counselor, and forensic social worker who has maintained a 30-year private practice working with children, adolescents, and couples.  He's also spent the last 15 years working in rado and TV, answering viewer's parenting and relationship questions live on air.

Join us tonight when Thomas Haller and I will be discussing: 

·      Why repeated use of the words “makes me” or “made me” has contributed to the rise of toxic masculinity
·      How we can teach our boys to not be judgmental
·      Why empathy deficits at home contribute to toxic masculinity and how we can change this
·     Which myths about sex and sexuality urgently need dispelling
·  Consent – what constitutes it, what does not, and how to teach boys the difference…and more…

THOMAS B. HALLER, MDiv., LMSW, ACSW, CMFSW, DST has had a weekly Family Matters segments on WIOG, WCRZ and WNEM TV5, and has been a featured guest on Oprah Radio, Playboy Radio, and the World Puja Network.  He is the founder and director of the Healing Minds Institute, a center devoted to teaching others to focus on and enhance the health of the mind, body, and spirit, and president of Personal Power Press, Inc., a publishing house committed to providing parents and educators with practical material for raising responsible children.  

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

tonight 4pm PT/7pm ET The October Energy & Integration Show with Jim Self, Lee Harris & Suzy Miller

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Soul contracts, identity shifts, kundalini energy, rebirth, and living the new human experience…these are just some of the topics that Sandie will be discussing with Jim Self, Lee Harris and Suzy Miller on this month’s Energy & Integration Series, so be sure to join us.

Jim Self is one of the few international teachers, authors and speakers actually working at the leading edge of the current planetary Shift of Consciousness. He provides solid, up-to-date information and practical energy tools to help us keep pace with the transition we are in. Since childhood he has had the ability to recall his experiences within the sleep state. This awareness has expanded into relationships with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. 
Lee Harris is an energy teacher, intuitive, channeler, artist and musician. He began as a part-time healer in 2004, doing intuitive readings out of his home in England. His work currently reaches hundreds of thousands around the planet, through his videos, audio recordings, writings, workshops and online events. 
Now based in California, Lee manages an international team of creatives in his self-growth company Lee Harris Energy; a worldwide multi-media and event production house. Lee and his team are passionate about grounding creative spirituality into these challenging times. As a transformation guide and teacher for others, he is determined to see people experience impactful and abundant lives, while supporting each other through community.
A visionary speaker, author, telepathic communicator, and multidimensional seer, Suzy Miller is the founder of the groundbreaking Awesomism Practitioner Process and The Journey Back to Love Series. While exploring the field of leading edge consciousness, she has personally undertaken intense physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual inquiries which have grounded her work in a practical, accessible way. 
Suzy has collaborated with professionals in a variety of fields from psychology, social work, mainstream education and medicine to leading edge scientists, metaphysicians, healers and new thought leaders. She collaborated twice with Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus Stanford University and featured physicist in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” spearheading both The Autism Intention Healing Experiment as well as an experiment for the elevation of collective human consciousness.

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