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Thursday, March 28, 2019


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When your life and work revolve around tapping into the unseen realms to support others in understanding their lives and experiences from an expanded perspective, what do you do in your downtime?  How do you stabilize YOUR energies? Where do you find the support YOU need? With whom do you share your rawest and most honest thoughts, feelings, and experiences wrought by the rapid evolutionary shifts in consciousness that are upgrading us all?  When it comes to decompressing and stabilizing their energies, Sandie Sedgbeer, Lee Harris, and Suzy Miller’s regular off-the-record, no-holds-barred 3-way conversations have always been a useful way of gathering up the stand-out pieces of the month and extracting the juice from their personal observations, lessons and insights so they can navigate the month ahead with insight, equanimity, and purpose.  Now they’re inviting you to join them too.  But be warned, just like eavesdropping on a regular kick-off-your-shoes gathering between three good friends, the conversation’s completely unscripted, totally raw, and authentic, so, chances are you may hear some personal confidences you might never have expected to hear…  But there’s wisdom in that too.  And you’ll also get to benefit from a unique and powerful Synchronize Your Energies session with Suzy that’s designed to set you up to thrive, not just survive, these tumultuous times.  Join us on the Last Thursday of every month, 7-8pm ET/4-5pm PT. 

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Thursday, March 21, 2019


We enjoyed it so much we're repeating it again tonight 4pm PT/7pm ET

In this week’s show award-winning composer and peace activist Yuval Ron and pioneering integrative health practitioner, Dr. Richard Gold, join me Sandie to discuss music as medicine for both the soul and the body. We will be playing clips from their latest double album, Voyaging Through the Chakras, which features a series of transformative guided meditations from Lucinda Clare, sublime music by Yuval Ron, performed by world-renowned musicians, embedded subliminal affirmations by Dr. Richard Gold that will to entrain your brain to its natural state of peace, and mantras whispered by the Himalayan Master, Svami Purna, designed to guide the soul toward illumination. 

In between, we’ll be discussing:
·     How music changes the structure of the brain and impacts the body
·     Sound Cymatics – the wave-like patterns that we see in nature, art, and stone and crop circles around the world. 
·     The therapeutic benefits of sound waves
·     The latest research on gene modification with ultrasound… And more…

YUVAL RON is a world-renowned musician, composer, producer educator, and peace activist who has composed music for the Oscar-winning film, West Bank Story, has performed for the Dalai Lama and has collaborated with Sufi leaders, Zen buddhist priests, visual artists, choreographers, and neuroscientists. A noted lecturer, he has spoken at Yale, John Hopkins, MIT, and has been on the faculty of the Esalen Institute. His book Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom, won the gold medal award for best spirituality book at the indie book awards 2015. 

DR. RICHARD GOLD is alicensed acupuncturist, and holds a doctorate in Psychology.  One of the founders of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, he has spent the last four decades pursuing mental mindfulness and meditative awareness, and, in more recent years, studying neuroscience and the evolving understanding of the effects of sound and meditation on the brain. His best-known book is Thai Massage: A Traditional Medical Technique. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Healing past trauma and illness with Color Homeopathy with Dr. Jacob Liberman

Tonight on OMTimes Radio 4pm PT/7pm ET

This week, Dr. Jacob Liberman joins me for part 2 of our recent conversation on the science and the power of light, in which he will reveal the secrets of what he calls color homeopathy, and share how we can heal past trauma and illness with the power of color.  

 DR. JACOB LIBERMAN is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision, and consciousness, and the author of numerous books, including Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight and Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living.

Originally trained as an optometrist and vision scientist, Dr. Liberman’s life changed in 1976 after the miraculous healing of his eyesight, leading him to a deeper understanding of light and the science of life.  

An internationally respected public speaker, he shares his scientific and spiritual discoveries about light as the divine spark that guides our life’s journey, entwining us with the unseen architect of all that is. He has addressed more than 2,000 live audiences worldwide and has been endorsed by award-winning artists, Hall of Fame athletes, and luminaries in science, spirituality, and medicine.

The developer of the first FDA-cleared medical device for vision improvement, Dr. Liberman’s years of clinical research and direct experience have led him to a new philosophy of life that can be implemented by anyone at home, resulting in profound transformation that is rapid, significant, and permanent. 

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Thursday, March 7, 2019


Join Jim Self and me tonight as we discuss the shifting sands of 2019, from what we've passed through, and how we got here, to where we’re heading and how to navigate your way there with ease and success.  Topics include:

·     How did we get here? Reviewing the unintended consequences of the decisions we’ve been making
·     Drowning in the digital – why and how technology has restructured our minds and our society 
·     Where we’re heading –A tale of two strata
·     Stepping into new landscapes - - The importance of anchoring intentions and structuring strong platforms….and more

JIM SELF is one of the few international teachers, authors and speakers actually working at the leading edge of the current planetary Shift of Consciousness. He provides solid, up-to-date information and practical energy tools to help us keep pace with the transition we are in. Since childhood he has had the ability to recall his experiences within the sleep state. This awareness has expanded into relationships with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. 
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