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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do you know what you came here to do?

Are you curious about why you certain events and experiences keep cropping up in your life?  Do you aspire to understand who you truly are?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you won’t want to miss Jim Self’s next FREE Conversation with Dr. Connie Kaplan on Tuesday, September 28, from 4-5:30PM Pacific. Dr. Kaplan is the author of one of my all-time favourite books, The Invisible Garment: 30 Spiritual Principles that Weave the Fabric of Human Life.  
In this groundbreaking book (which provides the basis for an extensive series of fascinating articles that are being published in Mastering Alchemy’s PathWays Program section, Connie expertly lays out 30 spiritual principles that weave the fabric of human life and make up the body of our “spiritual wardrobe”—our individual spiritual DNA. Through the principles, we learn how to maintain our spiritual garment for relationships to our self, our spouse, our children, our colleagues, our community, our planet, our life and our God.

Having studied astrology for many, many years, I can tell you that what you think you know about yourself from your natal chart is only part of your (human) makeup.  If you want deeper insights into whom you are and what you came here to do, The Invisible Garment is an absolute must read.   Indeed, everyone to whom I have recommended it has been blown away by the information they have gleaned about themselves, their partners, children, and other loved ones. 

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, September 28, from 4-5:30PM Pacific to learn about YOUR invisible garment.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Access the Wisdom of Your Heart and Speak Your Truth

Plumbing the depth of your heart's wisdom and accessing the power of your own voice are potent ways to facilitate positive changes in your life.  Two powerful healers and speakers will join me on the this week's Virtual Light Broadcast to share their their knowledge about living through the wisdom of your heart and speaking with the power of foul-filled voice. Join me on September 25th, at 11:00am Pacific, when my two guests will be Transformational Heart Wisdom Coach, Russell Feingold and Sound Healer and Angel Facilitator, Stewart Pearce.

Russell Feingold
11:30 AM - Russell Feingold, author of Heart Wisdom: Your Transformational Guide to Joyful Living and Loving, is a master healer, transformational coach and inspirational speaker who has spent the last fifteen years helping thousands of people access their Heart Wisdom.  Russell has also presented at events alongside such well known authors and presenters as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Caroline Myss, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (The Secret), Andrew Harvey and Harve Ecker, and has been noted in LA Weekly’s “Best of LA” for his Transformational Coaching. 

Stewart Pearce
12:00 Noon - Stewart Pearce is a leading edge Sound Healer, Seer, Angel Facilitator and International Speaker immersed in the wisdom culture of today. Author of The Alchemy of Voice and The Heart Speaks, he was the Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe for ten years, and Head of Voice at the renowned Webber Douglas Academy for eighteen years. Stewart has a practice in London as a Voice Alchemist and Master of Presentation and has coached many illustrious clients such as Minnie Driver, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Diana Princess of Wales, Anita Roddick, Simon Callow and Sebastian Stan to use their voices and personas, as powerful soul-filled expressions for ennobling human nature.  

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Are you ready to step into the 5th dimension?

Jim Self
If you’re sensitive to the energy that’s hitting the planet right now, chances are you may have been experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions these past few weeks.   If you’re wondering why, or are looking for ways to better manage your own energy and your responses to  the energies of those around you, I would heartily recommend you register for Jim Self’s latest FREE series of Webinars which kicked off in September and runs through to November 11th:

The 10 Fundamental Tools You Need to Step Into the 5th Dimension with Jim Self - September 23rd 4 - 5:30 pm and 7 - 8:30pm Pacific Time

This free  5-Part Webinar Series with Jim Self started on September 9th, and continues on September 23, October 14,  October 28, November 11 –  4 - 5:30 pm and 7 - 8:30pm PST

Focus, Discernment and Balance will be three words of tremendous importance in the coming months as the transition of the Shift changes much of what you understand as Reality.

These 10 fundamental tools will provide you with awareness and choices where none currently exist. Includes a Questions and Answers segment for you too. 

To enroll in ALL 4 PM Webinars visit:
To enroll in ALL 7 PM Webinars visit:

When you register, you will receive all the details PLUS a reminder the week before each session.  And if you missed the 1st installment of this series on September 9th you can listen to/download a recording of it free … 

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Finding your own Enlightened Parenting Style - Free Webinar with Dr. Caron Goode

FREE WEBINAR – Tuesday September 21st, 2010 4 - 5:30pm PST - Enlightened Parenting Channel with me and Dr. Caron Goode
Join me on the new Mastering Alchemy Enlightened Parenting Channel for my new ongoing series of FREE Webinars which will focus on raising our New Children in a way that empowers them and keeps the rest of us sane. 
The Next Webinar will be held on September 21st, 2010; 4 - 5:30pm Pacific Time when I’ll be discussing Finding Your Own Enlightened Parenting Style with Dr. Caron Goode.
Caron Goode is a psychotherapist, educator, spiritual mentor and author of 12 books including The Art and Science of Coaching Parents, Raising Intuitive Children, and Kids Who See Ghosts: How to Guide Them Through Fear.  This is a live seminar so there will be a chance to get any questions you might have answered by Caron. 
A recording will also be posted within a few days of the webinar, which all FREE MEMBERS will be able to access from the Mastering Alchemy Webinar Archives, along with recordings of my recent webinars with Daniel Jacob and Suzy Miller.  Oh and don’t forget, you don’t have to be a FREE MEMBER to listen to any of these webinars live.
You can enroll for this webinar or the entire series HERE.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Free Enlightened Parenting Webinars in September

The new Enlightened Parenting Channel on is off to a great start.  Suzy Miller's explanation about the high levels of consciousness she's witnessing in the New Kids was, as always, riveting.  If you happened to miss it, don't worry.  An audio recording is available for you to listen to or download from the Mastering Alchemy website.  To access the recording you will need to sign up for a Free Membership, but there's no hidden catches there.  All your details are kept safe and private.  Plus, your membership gives you an opportunity to be the first to know about future Enlightened Parenting webinars as well as any other webinars that Jim Self is offering free, along with access to all the free articles, audio tools, and other information Jim &Roxane provide that I regard as invaluable for anyone who's on a conscious path.

This month's Enlightened Parenting Webinars are scheduled for September 7th and 21st

My guest on September 7th  will be Daniel Jacob, who has a lot of wisdom and insight to offer on the particular challenges that our Indigo youths and young adults are facing as we go through this Shift.   If you're wondering what your tweens and teens are thinking, feeling, wanting and needing, I can tell you that Daniel's the man who likely has the answers. 

Daniel's website is the modern day equivalent of the old European youth clubs, coffee shops and the American malt parlors of yesteryear in that it's a popular hangout for many of the older New Kids.   And I can't think of a better place or indeed a better person than Daniel to be a grounding rod and sometime guide for these kids. He's so plugged into the pop culture scene, and so connected to the multiverse at the same time that hanging out with Daniel must be like hanging out with a very cool best friend who just happens to have a little more experience of how to manage being a multidimensional being taking a vacation on Planet Earth.

On September 21st Dr. Caron Goode will be joining me to talk about Kids Who See Ghosts.  You'd be amazed at how many kids do - and you don't have to be a believer in ghosts yourself to be able to help your sensitive children deal with their abilities in a loving and supportive manner.  I know this is going to be a very helpful conversation for many parents. It certainly was useful to me to know how to counsel Gemma my daughter as to the best way to help my almost six-year-old grandson Joel who's been experiencing some very distressing night terrors of late.

If you can't wait till the 21st, you can watch my recent interview with Caron on the free monthly 3-hour internet TV Show, The Virtual Light Broadcast.  A psychotherapist with a background in education and parent coaching, Caron is the author of several books that offer invaluable advice to parents, including Raising Intuitive Children.

There are more Free Webinars happening in September that I'm sure you won't want to miss - so watch this space, I'll be posting information about them within the next week. 

Meantime, the sun is over the yardarm (well, it is somewhere in the world!), which means it's playtime...  

Friday, September 3, 2010

I've become a destination!

I've had many appellations in my life - some self-imposed, others hung upon me by those who either know me, or think that they know me - but 'destination'?  Well, that's certainly one I never imagined.  But the more I play with the idea, the more I like it.
So how did this new facet of my life come about?   It all started when Daniel Jacob and Suzy Miller were chatting on the phone about their guest slots on the new Enlightened Parenting Channel that I’m hosting on  (Now, as a little aside, if you don’t know Daniel or haven’t read any of his wonderful articles on Planetlightworker and Children of the New Earth magazines, this might take a moment to get… but Daniel is a master at taking ordinary words and transforming them into meaningful new terms and phrases.)  So, as Suzy later told me, she and Daniel were both sharing how much they had enjoyed playing with me in all my different ventures, when Daniel suddenly declared:
“I want to spend more time playing in Sandieland.”
I was baffled. “What does he mean by that?” I asked Suzy.
“He means,” she patiently explained, "that you’re fun to be around because you have a knack for noticing things (and people) that have something relevant, true and timely to offer, and then creating interesting platforms to bring those people, which has included us, to the attention of those who want or need what is being offered."
Hmmm. I pondered that notion for a while. After much thought and self-inquiry, I had to acknowledge the truth in what Daniel and Suzy had said: I do seem to be a bit of a catalyst. In fact, both my natal chart and my Destiny Card (the Ace of Spades) – state that I have a “pioneer” personality or make up, in that I'm good at seeing/sensing the way ahead and thus invariably find myself playing at the cutting edge, exploring new ideas and conceiving new ways of doing things. 
Looking back over my life, I can see the pattern.   Without necessarily setting out to do so, I often find myself in situations where I AM able to connect people with the information, people and connections they are seeking or wanting. This is not self-aggrandizement, this is simply self-knowledge.
Yep, Daniel had summarized something about me that felt true and was sufficiently quirky to satisfy the ‘off-the-wall’ aspect of me. Besides, the idea of becoming a destination, particularly one that people wanted to spend time in, really tickled me.  As I embraced this new aspect of me, I felt an unblocking of the energy flow.  Within a short time, another very good friend sweetly and generously took up the baton and within a matter of days had created my first blog for me - something I had been trying to do for ages, and had never quite got around to. 
And here it is... The View from SandieLand! 
This 'destination' is now open and receiving visitors. There is no charge. Anyone’s free to come and play. The only requirement is that you have an open mind about possibilities, and a desire to explore the things that interest me (us?) – namely, discovery, what’s happening out there on the cutting edge with regard to science and spirituality, education, health, personal development and spiritual growth, and, of course (to borrow one of Daniel Jacob’s phrases), the Meta-Humans—the New Kids. God bless ‘em for having the courage to come here and show us who and what we have the potential to be.
I hope you'll come hang out here often and play in the field of possibilities with me.  I'm not hard to find. You'll likely find me sitting on the beach, with a good book (probably something on the nature or origins of consciousness and creation, or quantum physics, or multi-dimensionality, or a Robin Hobb fantasy) and a large glass of something long, and cool, and colorfully embellished with tiny umbrellas and cocktail cherries on a stick!