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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What would you do if you had the keys to the universe?

Join me Thursday, March 31st at 2PM-CST on the Awakening Zone Network for 
The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge
My interview with Diana Cooper filled the AZ chatrooms and brought many listeners on the lines to learn about the Keys to the Universe and how they can change your life.

Diana Cooper

The Keys to the Universe with Diana Cooper

There are 48 keys to the universe and 2 master cosmic keys. When you access and understand one of them you expand your consciousness. When you access and understand them all you become an enlightened ascended master. Each Key has a sound which enables you to access the wisdom with the key more easily.

Join us as we learn about the wisdom of the five golden ages on Earth, the extraordinary knowledge held by the ancient cultures, which is waiting to be revealed, the unimaginably powerful portals which are opening now to change the world and the bird, nature and angelic kingdoms.

Diana Cooper received an angel visitation during a time of personal crisis, which changed her life. Author of 19 books in over 20 languages, she has inspired thousands of people to fulfil their spiritual potential. Well known for her work with angels, ascension, Atlantis, Orbs and 2012, her new book is The Keys to the Universe. This awesome book gives you tools to become an enlightened Ascended Master. Through her guides and angels she enables people to access their spiritual gifts and psychic potential and also connects them to their own angels, guides, Masters and unicorns. Diana is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School, a not for profit organisation which offers certificated spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.

At the end of the show Sandie will share how you could win a free copy of The Keys to the Universe.

Tune into the LIVE broadcast at 2PM-CST by clicking the link below and then clicking the arrow button on the audio player:

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conversations with Jim - Guest Geoff Hoppe, TODAY

Join us LIVE
 March 29, Tuesday
4 - 5:30pm Pacific Time

for Conversations with Jim with guest Geoffrey Hoppe

Geoffe Hoppe
Jim Self

Geoff Hoppe channels Adamus Saint-Germain and other angelic beings. Co-founder of Crimson Circle

Geoff's Site
(Please reduce volume.)
GEOFFREY HOPPE has been channeling Adamus Saint-Germain and other angelic beings since 1999. As the channeler, Geoffrey expands his consciousness into the non-physical realms and receives the “thought packets.” He then translates the message into words for others to hear.

Geoff and his wife, Linda, travel over 100,000 miles a year, speaking before audiences in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Geoffrey and Linda founded the Crimson Circle in 1999. It has become a global community of New Energy teachers with the purpose of inspiring consciousness.
Read Geoff's article:

"A Letter to Awakening Humans"
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your Secret Key to Shifting Dimensions with Jim Self, Part 2 TODAY

Join us live for part two of this free 2-part Webinar with Jim Self 
on Thursday, March 24th from 4-5:30PM and 7-8:30PM-PST 
Jim Self

Join us for one or both!

We all have the ability to shift dimensions. The Secret Key lies in our ability to shift our thoughts. In this new two-part webinar series Jim will reveal how to...

1. Create reality shifts by managing your attention point
2. Experience yourself in different realities
3. Discern the difference between memory, inspiration and real experiences, and
4. Why the ability to experience yourself in different realities is all in your mind

The Science of the Shift with Dr. Manjir Samanta Laughton

Join me on The Awakening Zone Network on Thursday, March 24th at 2PM-CST for
The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge
My interview with Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton was wildly popular with listeners even on a special date and time. You won't want to miss this show.

The Science of the Shift with Dr. Manjir Samanta Laughton

Dr. Manjir Samanta_Laughton

In this show, award-winning international speaker and author, Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, will discuss the paradigm revolution that’s currently taking place in science, the new evidence that’s emerging for her revolutionary Black Hole Principle – a new scientific theory that can explain everything from galactic formation to chakras, and what this new theory means for all of us.  Other topics she and Sandie will cover include, the nature of time, the deeper science behind the Law of Attraction, what it means to live in the New Paradigm, the Science of Genius – how the science of intelligence is changing from the concept of fixed IQ at birth to how we are connected to a universal consciousness field, and the contents of her new book, which blends science, history and spirit messages from Mary Magdalene to create a new view of this planet.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is an award-winning international speaker and author, with two best-selling books translated into several languages. She is a former medical GP, bio-energy therapist and holistic doctor at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and has now become a leading light in the field of linking cutting edge science and spirituality. She has over ten years experience as a speaker around the world in Ireland, the USA, Italy and Japan, including keynotes speeches at several universities. She has also been extensively interviewed by the media, including the BBC, Channel 4, Edge Media TV, The Guardian, The Sunday Express and many more.

In 2008, in recognition of her work, she joined a prestigious group of scientists and philosophers for a meeting in Japan examining the underlying assumptions behind science, which has become the influential Science Evolve group.

Her books are Punk Science published by O books and The Genius Groove published by Paradigm Revolution Publishing.

Listen LIVE at 2PM-CST by clicking the link below and then clicking the arrow on the audio player:

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awakening into Freedom Consciousness with Story Waters

Join me on the Awakening Zone Network
the Awakening Zone Network on Thursday, March 17th from 2-3:30PM-Central Time for a special airing of my highly popular interview with Story Waters.  

Awakening into Freedom Consciousness with Story Waters

In this interview, international speaker, teacher and author of SO YOU'RE GOD, NOW GET OVER IT!, Story Waters will discuss his life, philosophies, and personal journey, and share details of his new five-month guided multimedia journey, Awakening into Freedom Consciousness, which will be launched this March.  Story will also reveal the five key steps of journey, showing you a clear way to conceive of awakening which will catalyze your own unique process. And to top it all off listeners will be treated to a live channel.

Story Waters
Story Waters is a spiritual author seeking to empower people to experience the light within their own being. "The light to follow is the light within yourself." Through his writing he empowers people to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion, or dogma. He inspires people to develop their own inner voice and to love and completely accept their own being without limitation.

Story has adopted the term 'Freedom Consciousness' to describe the state of being where spirit naturally resides. So rather than encouraging readers to become 'other than they are' he empowers them to realize 'All That They Already Are' through freeing the self from the limited beliefs that it may have taken on in forms such as fear, shame, guilt, and lack of self-worth. In Story's eyes everyone is a uniquely special expression of God and he feels that if we must name a purpose to life then it is to step into the power of that realization, live in the love that is our being, and to share that joy with the world. By simultaneously experiencing our unity as well as our individuality, Story sees the world transforming into a Unified Diversity where love is seen as the natural state that occurs when we let go of fear.

Story was born in Brighton, England in 1972 where he currently resides. You can visit his website at

To listen to the show on Thursday at 2PM-CST click on the link below and then click on the arrow button on the audio player:

And please join us in the Awakening Zone Chatroom located just below the audio player on the episode page.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Explaining World Tragedy to Children

Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman are two of the parenting experts I respect the most and I believe this article can help many parents support and guide their children when natural disasters or other global tragedies happen.  This information will be especially important right now with so many sad and frightening images coming from Japan.

Thomas Haller & Chick Moorman

Explaining World Tragedy to Children
By Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman

Your six-year-old has just seen video footage of devastating destruction including collapsed buildings, crushed cars, and homes under water, all vivid images resulting from the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Your teen sits transfixed watching the numbers of dead and injured mount. At the dinner table your fifth grader asks, "Can anything like that happen to us, Dad?"

How is a parent to respond under such circumstances? What should you say? What should you do? How do you deal with your children's fears without increasing them? Is it possible to reassure them at a time when you, yourself, are horrified by the images of intense pain and grief you see on the faces of parents halfway around the world?

Yes, you feel empathy for the survivors who have lost loved ones, homes, and jobs. Yes, you are extremely grateful that your children are safe in your comfortable home as the horrific images continue to flow from your television screen. And, yes, you can use this tragic situation to help your children learn lessons of love and compassion and about the indestructible nature of the human spirit.

Once children have seen the images of tragedy and suffering, debriefing is essential-the sooner the better. By debriefing, we mean answering their questions, providing information, asking questions, and reflecting their feelings.

Provide the scientific information they're asking for. Tell your children in age-appropriate language what you know about how nature can create an earthquake, tidal wave, tornado, hurricane, or volcanic eruption. Keep this part factual. You can even use books or magazines to assist you in providing information.

Tell your children the effects of the natural disaster. Talk about the destruction that was created by nature's fury. This is a good time to make the connection between cause and effect. Limit what you say to what your children actually saw on TV, and provide answers to their directly asked questions. Too much information at this point can increase their fright and worry. The goal is to be brief and accurate and to provide them with the specific information they're looking for. If you fail to give them information, if you fail to debrief, children's brains will fill in the blanks. Better to fill in those gaps yourself with factual knowledge than to have your children fill them with their imaginations.

Concentrate on feelings. Your children will be seeing a wide range of feelings expressed during TV coverage of such events. They will see sadness, panic, grief, relief, joy, depression, frustration and desperation. As a result, they will personally experience unexpressed and often unrecognized feelings.

When you sense they are feeling empathy, sadness, or pain, say so. Tell them, "You seem deeply saddened about this," or "You sound afraid that this might happen to us." Children are starving for feeling recognition and this is a great time to supply it.

When strong emotion is shown on TV, honor it by talking about it. Acknowledge the extreme sadness and grief that people are experiencing. Refrain from being an adult who ignores the grief of others and refuses to acknowledge it. Do not treat hurting human beings as if they are invisible. Talk about your own feelings. Tell your children about the sympathy and pain you feel for the losses others are suffering. Allow your children to hear and see you express feelings. By doing so, you're helping them acquire a feeling vocabulary they can use their entire lives.

When you communicate your own feelings and honor the feelings of your children for people around the world, you teach them important lessons about the human condition. You help them appreciate how we are all more alike than different. You help them see that we are all connected, no matter how distant we seem. You help them learn that we are all one.

As you go through this debriefing process, encourage your children to look for the helpers. Helpers always come. There are always people who step forth to help. In the case of a major tragedy, there will be many helpers playing out a variety of roles. Point them out to your children. Then, when small problems occur in their own lives, they will have learned to look for the helpers. There are helpers at school, on the playground, in the mall, and on the highway when our car breaks down. Learn to look for helpers and they will be more likely to show up when you need them.

Discuss with your children how you as a family can be helpers during this tragedy. Perhaps you can send money, give blood, say prayers, send love, or call the Red Cross to see what kinds of items you can donate. Choose one or more ways to be helpers as a family and allow your children to participate in implementing those choices with you. Pray together. Let them observe as you give blood. Take them shopping for the toiletry items needed by the Red Cross. Let them help you address the envelope that sends the check. Get them involved in the process of being a helper. Let them see and be love in action.

The scope and depth of the pain and heartache of catastrophic tragedies are not measurable. Yet, those horrific events can serve a useful purpose if we use them to help our children learn about feelings, look for the helpers, and appreciate the connectedness of all human beings and the beauty of one heart reaching out to another across continents. We can help them learn that around the world is a long way away, yet still very much a part of our neighborhood.

Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller are the authors of Parent Talk Essentials: How to Talk to Kids about Divorce, Sex, Money, School, and Being Responsible in Today's World. They are two of the world’s foremost authorities on raising responsible, caring, confident children. For more information about how they can help you or your group meet your parenting needs, visit their websites today. or

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Webinar with Barry Goldstein and GW Hardin, 9PM EST TONIGHT

Join award winning award winning artist/authors, Barry Goldestein and GW Hardin at 9PM-EST for a powerful and informative webinar.

Barry Goldstein

The Lost Seeds of Solfeggio

Barry Goldstein and GW Hardin, both award winning artist/authors, are offering a must-experience webinar on Thursday March 10th at 9 PM EST.  

GW Hardin
Topics covered: The History of the Solfeggio System, How solfeggio frequencies have been used for healing and in cleaning up a bay in the Gulf of Mexico, Fine tuning our instruments to 444hz, How the Seeds of the Solfeggio show up in equal-interval tuning and can be used to create bridges musically, Experience an attunement utilizing the 111, 222 and 333 frequencies within the musical piece "Eden's Gate" and The role of the solfeggio in creating gateways and portals for  11-11-11. 

Your Secret Key to Shifting Dimensions with Jim Self TODAY!

Join us live for this free 2-part Webinar with Jim Self
Thursday, March 10th and again on Thursday, March 24th
from 4-5:30PM and 7-8:30PM-PST 
Jim Self

Join us for one or both!

We all have the ability to shift dimensions. The Secret Key lies in our ability to shift our thoughts. In this new two-part webinar series Jim will reveal how to...

1. Create reality shifts by managing your attention point
2. Experience yourself in different realities
3. Discern the difference between memory, inspiration and real experiences, and
4. Why the ability to experience yourself in different realities is all in your mind

Click here to enroll in both dates at 4 pm Pacific  (California)  

Click here to enroll in both dates at 7 pm Pacific


BioEnergetic Medicine: Why it is the Wave of the Future?

Join me LIVE today at 2PM CST for an Awakening Zone Presentation of 
The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge
when my guest will be Dr. Donese Worden

Dr. Donese Worden

BioEnergetic Medicine: Why it is the Wave of the Future?

In many instances, many leading edge technologies can now replace surgery and medication, so why is it that the traditionalists in the medical profession, along with the drugs companies and “official” medical authorities, are doing all in their power to censor your knowledge, misinform and even discredit many of these scientifically proven options?

What does the medical establishment have against frequency medicine?  Why are all the so-called authorities who are supposed to be safeguarding our rights, using their muscle and might to prevent us from having access to natural medicines, substances and remedies that could enhance and in some cases possibly even save our lives?

Conversely, not all ‘natural’ or ‘preventive products’ such as supplements are created equal.  Some could actually be downright harmful.

So what’s a concerned, intelligent, health conscious person to do?
Make no mistake - your health is in YOUR hands.  So if you want to know the truth about what you are taking, what the medical profession, and drugs and insurance industries are (in some cases irresponsibly) advocating, and – more to the point – what they DON”T WANT YOU TO KNOW about many of the new options that are available… don’t miss this frank and fearless interview with Dr. Donese Worden.  

Dr. Donese Worden is a physician and global health educator who is renowned for identifying and helping to bring unique international healing modalities and therapies to the United States, putting her in the vanguard of integrated, naturopathic and bioenergetic medicine.

Passionate about educating people on taking charge of their health using the best from both conventional and natural medicine, Dr. Worden has two successful medical clinics, located in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona. 

For almost a decade, Dr. Donese has been helping clients achieve optimal health and energy using natural therapies and minimal or no drugs. As a naturopathic practitioner, she is licensed in administering both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, as well as clinical nutrition, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, counseling, and homeopathy. She also is a highly regarded expert in regenerative injection therapies (platelet therapy, prolotherapy, trigger point injection therapy, neuraltherapy, apitherapy), and is licensed in nutritional IV’s, and bioenergetic medicine (cold laser, color therapy, land eading edge Russian technology known as “SCENAR”).

To listen to the show LIVE at 2PM-CST click on the link below and then click the arrow button on the audio player:

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'll talk about Chasing Change on Cosmic Particles Friday at 2PM CST

Join me LIVE on Friday at 2PM-CST on the Awakening Zone Network show, Cosmic Particles, hosted by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey.

ME- Sandie Sedgbeer

Things are moving fast and we are being called upon to change, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically in order to make the shift.

Want to know more about the changes affecting us in recent years, the ones that are happening now and what some of us expect to see happen in the future?  These things are exactly what Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey and I will be discussing on a special episode of her show, Cosmic Particles, on Friday, March 4th at 2PM-CST.
Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

Meg Blackburn, Ph.D. is the author of the bestselling “The Secret History of Consciousness,” “Parenting the Children of Now,” “Conversations with the Children of Now,” the international bestseller “The Children of Now, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth and The Phenomenon of Transitional Children,” “Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-dimensional Reality” and the “Online Messages.” She is also a contributor to “The Mystery of 2012 Anthology.” She is also a regular columnist in Kinetics Magazine and frequent contributor to numerous other publications. 

Dr. Meg is a national and international keynote speaker and lectures worldwide. She facilitates group journeys to sacred sites around the world including Scotland, England, Ireland, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and Mexico. She has also served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20. Dr. Meg can be reached by e-mail at, or on her website at

To listen to the show LIVE at 2PM-CST on Friday click on the link below and then click on the arrow on the audio player.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Peter Rodger is a MUST LISTEN!

Be sure to listen to this Thursday's episode of The Sandie Sedgbeer Show, my friends, at 2PM-CST on the Awakening Zone Network.  I absolutely promise you are in for a treat. 

Peter Rodger
Peter Rodger's book The OMG Chronicles, in which he share's the journey and the process of producing the film, "Oh My God!" has the potential to become a movie in its own right.  The documentary film, "Oh My God!" is absolutely breathaking and  thought provoking, but I think that the REAL movie is the story revealed in the book of  Peter's journey to get this movie made, the incredible experiences he had from the appalling, terrifying, and  life-threatening, to the most hilarious encounters and misadventures along the way.

It is the experiences Peter shares that that put The OMG Chronicles in the category of an Eat, Pray, Love memoir in that it truly was a life changing experience in how it shifted his perceptions, in what it taught him about human nature, and most of all in what he learned about himself.

I am very excited to bring Peter in to share his story with my listeners, and during the broadcast I will reveal why I am so enamored of him and the story of his search to uncover the answer to the question, "What is God?"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

“What is God?” Peter Rodger Asks the Question. What’s Your Answer?

Join me LIVE on Thursday, March 3rd at 2PM-CST on The Awakening Zone Network for a VERY SPECIAL broadcast with film maker and photographer Peter Rodger!

Peter Rodger
In 2006, frustrated with religious turmoil, fanaticism, and fundamentalism, filmmaker Peter Rodger set out on a quest across 23 countries to shoot the epic nonfiction motion picture Oh My God in an attempt to understand what the concept of God meant to people in all walks of life.

The OMG Chronicles outlines the extraordinary adventures of Peter Rodger as he circled the globe, asking an amazing array of characters the simple (but not-so-simple) question: “What is God?”
Be prepared to be whisked away from the comfort of your own home to visit places and people, famous and not; and absorb their profound, irreverent, blasphemous, spiritual musings . . . on an age-old query. Their words will stir up passion, curiosity, self-examination, and wild imagination.

Peter Rodger grew up looking through a camera lens. As a teenager, the award-winning British director and photographer honed his skills by assisting his father, George Rodger, the renowned photojournalist and co-founder of Magnum Photos.

After completing his education at England's Maidstone College of Art, his skill with the lens made him one of the most sought-after talents in the European and United States Advertising Industry, shooting numerous car, clothing and cosmetics companies' print and commercial campaigns in over forty different countries.

Peter has exhibited his fine art work all over the world and has won numerous awards for his filmed work, including several Telly Awards. He has penned seven screenplays, including Comfort Of The Storm, (which he is also directing and will be going into production in 2010); Bystander, Publication Day, and Swapped, which are in development. Peter resides in Los Angeles with his wife and children.

To listen LIVE on Thursday, March 3rd at 2PM-CST click the link below and then click the arrow button on the audio player.

Peter will also be joining us in the Awakening Zone chat room at the above url!