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About Sandie

Alchemy: any magical power or process of transmuting a common,
ordinary substance into something of great value.

Who am I? And how can I help you transform what you have into what others want?

Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated with understanding the psychology of human nature.  Throughout my career this deep desire to know what makes people tick has driven me to think outside the box,  push the envelope, explore new avenues, and approach everything with resonance in mind and a desire to transcend the ordinary.

As a young magazine journalist, it wasn’t enough for me to learn the demographics of readers from surveys. Snapshots and stereotypes have never been my thing.  I wanted to put faces on the people I was writing for, to know who they were, what they thought, how they lived their lives, and what was most important to them. That curiosity drove me to kept me innovative.

Long before it became popular to hold focus groups and reader events I was pioneering reader holiday clubs; negotiating special deals for subscribers so they could afford to join other readers on trips to France, Spain, Switzerland, and other interesting places where they could see the sights by day and spend their evenings with new friends who shared their interests.

Press trips to exotic resorts and posh health spas was a great way to earn a living, but hey, let’s not kid anyone here—what my readers really wanted was a chance to experience those delights for themselves. And so they did, when 85 readers—housewives, working mums, women who wanted to lose weight and others who were desperately in need of a break—joined me on an eminently affordable, once-in-a-lifetime vacation at one of Britain’s swankiest “health farms.” You see, there’s a lot you can do to make people’s dreams come true when you know what they want, and dare to create a win-win scenario for spa owners looking for publicity (which they got by the bucket-load), and women who deserve to be pampered like the queens they are for a week.

Years before the advertising industry grasped the fact that it’s women who make the majority of family purchasing decisions, or direct marketers understood that gardeners had needs, desires and interests other than stocking up on next season’s plants and seedlings, I was persuading direct marketing companies  that they could extend the value and shelf life of their product catalogs by providing  gardening articles, calendars, tips, and “ask the experts” sections—a bold idea when the prevailing formula was every square inch had to be a “selling” space. Clients brave enough to try it not only tripled their profits; they also won the loyalty of their customers. And Lavery Rowe Advertising in London credited me with inventing a new kind of value-driven marketing vehicle: the old fashioned catalog was dead—the magalog was born!
Sandie Sedgbeer

Describing how I actually ‘do’ what I do is not quite so easy. Granted, my unique range of experience plays a significant role, but,  equally, there are other, less tangible contributing factors, such as intuition, alignment, and resonance—three transcendent ingredients of alchemy, which, like icing on a wedding cake, are guaranteed to transform something ordinary into something of inestimable value.

So whether your dream is to write a book, birth a dream, build a business, or simply share a piece of yourself with the world, and this resonates with you, send me an Email at sandiesedg @ and let’s discover how my unique brand of alchemy can transform what you have into what others want…