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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your Health-Your Choice with Dr. Donese Worden &The Key to All Your Health Issues with Dr. Tom Ritchie

Join us at 2PM onThursday, September 1st at 2PM-CDT for an Awakening Zone presentation of The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge.

Your Health-Your Choice with Dr. Donese Worden (NEW)
followed by The Key to All Your Health Issues Lies in Hearing What Your Body, Mind and Spirit are Trying to Say with Dr. Tom Ritchie (ENCORE)

Dr. Donese Worden
Your Health - Your Choice with Dr. Donese Worden, 20 min (NEW Prerecorded)

Frank and fearless, Dr. Worden is a passionate advocate for truth in medicine.  In this regular slot she will take on the role of our eyes and ears, to help us carve a pathway through the minefield of information (and disinformation) about our health, our bodies, and our rights, bringing us everything we need to know to safeguard our own and our loved one’s health.

The Key to All Your Health Issues Lies in Hearing What Your Body, Mind and Spirit are Trying to Say (ENCORE)

Dr. Tom Ritchie
Health issues don’t just afflict us out of the blue… in most instances they arise as a result of many years of ignoring the messages our bodies are trying to convey.  The fact is, our bodies, minds and spirits, are speaking to us every single minute of every day.  But few of us know how to listen to or interpret what they are trying to say.

According to this weeks, guest, Dr. Tom Ritchie, about two thousand years ago western medicine broke with the philosophy that we exist in three parts: body; mind and spirit. The spirit, intuitive portion was vainly ignored or awkwardly included in the mind category. This decision alone accounts for the impotence in modern western medicine.

Modern medicine is a culture of fear, with the relentless message from the scientific community always driving home the message that the universe is a chaotic and dangerous place.  We are inundated with facts and statistics telling us we are so poorly designed that it is astounding that the human race has survived without modern drugs and technology? And that if we want to stay healthy and alive for as long as possible, we need to put our bodies, lives, and power in the hands of a system that has become increasingly controlled by those with a vested interest in treating illness, rather than promoting wellness.

In Dr. Ritchie’s experience, about two-thirds of his patients show up convinced their problem is either a physical or mental problem. Once a holistic investigation is performed, however, it becomes evident that the true root of the problem is a spiritual imbalance.  It is the spiritual issue that is triggering the patient’s symptoms in the physical and mental domain.  Without the proper diagnosis it is impossible to correct the problem.  Pretending we can treat a spiritual problem with a physical tool is like trying to hammer a nail with a screwdriver.

In this show, Dr. Ritchie discusses how we can learn to expand the limited dualistic western approach to diagnosis and treatment, become comfortable in discerning the root source of our imbalances, and break from the cycle of fear.  And in so doing, take back our power, regain greater clarity and control of our health and our life, and rediscover our ability to be a more confident and compassionate choice maker in all aspects of our life.

Tom Ritchie, M.D., has over thirty years of clinical experience in Western and Alternative medicine.  His initial twenty years of training and practice was in anesthesia and pain management.  Being intimately aware of the limitations of Western medicine, in 1995, he undertook extensive training in a wide variety of alternative practice methods: acupuncture; herbology; energy medicine; nutrition and life style balancing.  He continues to explore new styles and approaches to healing as a lifelong passion.  Ranging from Taoism to quantum theory his primary interest is learning how these esoteric philosophies can be put to practical use in his day-to-day practice.

His early clinical experiences allowed him to understand how modern western medicine has lost the most important tool for healing.  The missing instrument is compassion, the true healing energy of the universe.  By creating an atmosphere of calm trust he is able to help his patients regain their hope.  Without the distortion of fear-based medicine that exists in our society today, they can then rediscover the clarity needed to chart the optimal path to recovery.  In his practice, Dr. Ritchie not only explores all factors needed for regaining better harmony in his patients’ physical, mental, emotional or spiritual lives are explored, but also draws on his broad background of training to tailor an approach that meets each individual patient’s needs.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Case of Spiritual Emergency with Catherine Lucas

Join us on Thursday, August 25th at 2PM-CDT for an Awakening Zone ENCORE presentation of The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge with guest Catherine G. Lucas

Catherine G. Lucas
Spiritual emergencies can be triggered by many things: loss of faith or a loved one, intense spiritual practices, even childbirth. Too often these spiritual crises or ‘dark nights of the soul’ are not recognized for what they are, but are seen simply as psychosis, depression or mental breakdown. The spiritual component of these experiences is ignored. Yet when spiritual crises are understood, supported and integrated they offer enormous potential for growth and fulfillment, for healing and awakening.

Catherine G Lucas has created a unique Mindfulness-Based Approach to Spiritual Emergency. The Founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN), she has designed and delivered three international conferences on spiritual emergency and has been featured on a BBC Radio 4 program on the subject.

Catherine’s book In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening (Findhorn Press 2011), draws on her personal experience and that gained through. the Spiritual Crisis Network, to offer information, insights and strategies to help us understand what triggers a spiritual emergency, the three key phases of moving successfully through it, and why Mindfulness is the most effective tool for coping with it.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life as an Energetically Sensitive Human with Suzy Miller and Michael Simonson

Join me for a special ENCORE presentation of The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge at 2PM-CDT, Thursday, August 18th.  My special guests will be Suzy Miller and Michael Simonson.

Life as an Energetically Sensitive Human

As humanity evolves, each new generation seems more sensitive than the last. Those that have long been called “the sensitive ones” are now finding themselves unable to keep up with the rapidly changing energies. We are finding ourselves, out of balance, expressing emotion that feels much bigger than a personal experience, unable to focus on the here and now, and exhausted.  As energetically sensitive beings we cannot help but feel the effects of the polarization, fear, and disruption that others are experiencing.  Yet, as energetically sensitive humans we know that we came here to be the love that we are.  How do we achieve and maintain this state?  We first must understand our sensitivities and put to them work for us versus against us. How do we do that?  How do we regain balance'? How do we return to the state of love that we are?  How are the new energies really affecting us on a spiritual, psychological, mental, and emotional level?  And what impact is this having on energetically sensitive humans?

When people are energetically sensitive and do not understand how to separate themselves from the negativity in the world they will expend a great deal of their mental and emotional energy dealing with the fears that rule their experience. Consequently they will find it very difficult to function in the world.  

Suzy Miller
If the adults and children around you seem to be 'acting out' or acting strangely, If you're finding yourself losing your touchstones for what is 'normal'... if you're looking for guidance, signposts, healing and advice... join multidimensional communicators and healers, Suzy Miller and Michael Simonson and discover how to powerfully support yourself, your children and loved ones; how to bring more balance into your life, and how to create a new sense of equilibrium in a world that is undergoing rapid transformation and change.

SUZY MILLER is the founder of Blue Star Brilliance LLC.  A true visionary, she is the author of AWESOMISM: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism. In 1999, Suzy had a life altering experience with a 4-year old child diagnosed with autism. She now speaks internationally regarding the energetic awareness of these children. 
Michael Simonson

MICHAEL SIMONSON was the owner of a successful construction business when in 1986 he discovered he had the ability to heal people. Since that time, Michael has divided his time between sharing his psychic and healing gifts through his private healing practice, and presenting workshops and guided meditation sessions. 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“The Whale Whisperer” with Madeleine Walker

Join us at 2PM-CDT on Thursday, August 11th for an Awakening Zone presentation of The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge when Sandie's guest will be Madeleine Walker, The Whale Whisperer.

Madeleine Walker
If elephants could talk, what wisdom would they impart?  The animal kingdom has much to share with us, as author and international animal communicator Madeleine Walker will reveal in this episode.

From her experiences at sacred sites around the world, to the messages of healing re-empowerment for us and our planet, Madeleine Walker’s communications with, and adventures among some of the largest, most fearsome—and often much misunderstood—creatures, illustrate the incredible deep connection we have, and past lifetimes we’ve shared, with the animals around us.

In this episode of Conversation at the Cutting Edge, author Madeline Walker bridges the boundaries that exist between humans and the animal world to bring us their individual and collective messages, stories and teachings. 

Madeleine will also be talking about her new book “The Whale Whisperer,” and her new CD, “Whale Whispers Lion Roars.” Listeners will learn about the amazing healing messages that she has intuited from wild species around the world, like whales, sharks, dolphins, elephants, lions and also her experiences at sacred sites. She’ll also talk about past life trauma release between animals and their owners, illustrating the incredibly deep connection we have with our animals through many lifetimes.

An International Animal Communicator, Horse and Rider Trauma Consultant and Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Madeleine Walker is formerly worked in adult education with holistic stress management and Art therapy. She is committed to raising awareness of the incredibly deep connection we have with our animals and their messages of healing re-empowerment for us and our beautiful planet. She travels extensively to work with wild species in their natural habitat and writes and lectures about her experiences. She is well known for her healing skills for both animals and humans on both emotional and physical levels. Madeleine specializes in the past life connections between animals and their human caregivers. She is a pioneer with her techniques on past life script rewriting. She is based in the UK, but facilitates courses internationally. She also performs distant readings for overseas clients.

Madeleine Walker is the author of two books, An Exchange of Love: Animals healing people in past, present and future lifetimes (O Books) and The Whale Whisperer (Findhorn Press) as well as a meditation CD of channeled meditations from the whales and sacred white lions: Whale Whispers, Lion Roars—A Journey to Re-empowerment, also from Findhorn Press.   Visit her website at

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So You Think Today’s Kids are Healthy? with Dr. Lauren Feder

Join us on Thursday, August 4th at 2PM-CDT for an Awakening Zone presentation of The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge when Sandie's guest will be nationally recognized pediatrician and author, Dr. Lauren Feder.

So You Think Today’s Kids are Healthy? Why the Decisions Being Forced upon Many Parents are Having Shocking Implications for Our Children’s Future Wellbeing.

Dr. Lauren Feder
Given the enormous strides that have been made in medicine, and our knowledge about nutrition over the last century, one would expect that each generation would be considerably healthier than the one that preceded it.  But the truth is far different.

The rate of chronic illness in today's youth and young children is shocking.  The truth is that we live in an era when we know more about how children's brains, bodies and personalities develop than we've ever known, and yet it's becoming harder and harder to maintain the health of our children's bodies, minds and spirits.

If you knew the truth about the true state of  your children's health, you would be appalled. Who’s to blame?  Is it the drugs industry? The medical profession? The Food manufacturers? Or our over-reliance on antibiotics and vaccinations?

Find out in this edition of Conversation at the Cutting Edge, in which Dr. Lauren Feder will speak about causes, effects and practical advice on how to improve our children's health.

Lauren Feder, M.D. is a nationally recognized physician who specializes in primary care medicine, pediatrics and homeopathy.  Known for her holistically minded approach and combining the ‘best of both worlds,’ Dr. Feder is a frequent lecturer for parents and professionals and has been seen nationally on various health-oriented television and radio programs including most recently Oprah and Friends interviewed by Dr. Mehmet Oz.   She is the author of Natural Baby and Childcare and The Parents’ Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations, and is in private practice in Los Angeles.  

Lauren was raised by her parents, Ellie Davis a devoted stay-at-home mother, and the late Dr. Robert J. Feder, a renowned ear, nose and throat surgeon and voice specialist.  During her teen years she underwent two thyroid surgeries and was placed on daily medicine.  While doing her residency in Los Angeles a decade later, Lauren consulted with a holistic practitioner and was able to discontinue her thyroid medication altogether. The results astounded her, and led her on a path of discovery in the field of holistic healing and homeopathy for herself and her patients.   Lauren is married to chiropractor, Dr. RenĂ© Haarpaintner. They have two sons who were born at home with midwives.

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