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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Your Intelligent Body: A Metaphysical Perspective On Disease & How To Reverse It with Kyle Davies

Join us Thursday, July 12th, at 4:00PM-PST/7PM-EST on OMTimes Radio, for What is Going OM when Sandie's guest will be Kyle Davies.

Researchers have long known that there is a strong link between stress and overall health. With stress-related diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and those leading to deaths of despair, such as anxiety, depression, and sheer overwhelm continuing to escalate, it would appear that something has gone very wrong with our physical, emotional, and psychological ability to cope with life in the 21st century.
In his book, The Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue, Pain & Disease from the Inside Out, coach, author, and trainer, Kyle Davies joins Sandie to discuss:
~ The metaphysical causes of disease
~ Stress and the body
~ The true nature of emotion
~ Who are we and how are we changing
~ What does illness really mean?
~ How we can realign ourselves, and more…

KYLE DAVIES is a psychologist, coach, author, trainer, and creator of Energy-Flow Coaching. He specializes in helping individuals and organizations to overcome stress-related health challenges, optimize their wellbeing, and perform more effectively at work, home, and in life.
An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Kyle Davies his career in management consulting before moving into healthcare where he co-pioneered a new approach for treating chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and other stress-related symptoms.

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