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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Rebirth 2019 – The Secret to Creating Genuine Transformation with Lee Harris

Join Us Live Tonight at 4pm PT/7pm ET

Lee Harris is an energy teacher, transformation guide, intuitive, artist and musician. Beginning as a part-time healer in 2004, doing intuitive readings out of his home in England, his prodigious and extremely varied body of work now includes videos, workshops, writings, audio recordings, music and highly popular online events. Lee reaches hundreds of thousands around the planet every month and throughout that time has witnessed, guided, and supported profound and genuine transformation and rebirths. 
Lee Harris joins Sandie this week to look ahead and share his secrets for safely shedding the energies of 2018 and setting powerful intentions for creating profound transformation in the year ahead. So, whether you’re looking to birth a new project, transform a relationship, shed all the aspects of yourself and your life that no longer serve you and recreate how you move through the world, join Sandie and Lee Harris this Thursday for a glimpse of what awaits us in 2019, and how to harness the energetic opportunities to steer your life in the direction YOU want.
Now based in California, Lee Harris manages an international team of creatives in his self-growth company Lee Harris Energy; a worldwide multi-media and event production house. Lee and his team are passionate about grounding creative spirituality into these challenging times and through his work as a transformation guide, Lee is determined to see people experience impactful and abundant lives, while supporting each other through community. 
Join us live tonight at 4pm PT/7pm ET using the link below:

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